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February 21, 2016

Great Things Happen To Those Who Believe

The year 2015 has been very good to me. And now that a new year is coming, I would like to share with you how this year becomes so special to me. This serves to say that great things are bound to happen to those who believe and to those who have faith in God.

Keeping the hopes up

I was so lucky to start the year 2015 with a new job. This was such a great reward for me after a series of struggles in landing a job and a company where I can be truly happy about. I have been through hard times in finding the right job for me, and the quest was never that easy.

I adapted trial and error method at the very early stage of my career, I failed and almost gave up after realizing that the path that I chose was not the right path for me. But I know that there must be something better ahead of me. I believe that God has HIS own ways, better than I could ever imagined. So, I moved on and continued with the job applications.

Today, I am still working in the same company that hired me during the early days of 2015, and I am about to celebrate my first anniversay of staying here. I am just getting excited about it. My job provided me the opportunity to grow. It gives me high hopes for a better career ahead. I know that I am just starting with my job and it would take time for me to develop my skills.

New friends and acquaintances.

I've came to build friendship with my new colleagues. Over time I can feel the bond that we're having in each other are getting stronger. Having good friends is necessary. They build your confidence everytime because they always see the best things in you.

Out-of-town adventures.

I love to travel! My wish for this year has been granted since I was able to travel to the neighboring province of Bohol. It was a memorable experience with my friends in college when we stayed in Panglao island. The place was dubbed as little Boracay, a famous beach in the Philippines. We also went to Carmen in order to watch the Chocolate Hills. I also experienced some sort of adrenaline rush when I tried the Bike Rush. It was shiverring at first, but still worth it.

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January 01, 2015

How To Compute The Interest Earned From Your Savings

Calculator with pen and notebook
Want to know how much can you earn with your savings?
Get ready with your notes, calculator, or pen and we'll start the easy computation!
Source: Public Domain
Having a savings account is a must for individuals who want to secure their future. For them, putting their money in the bank is the safest way that they can do in order to achieve financial goals and plans. However, young professionals who are just starting their careers are quite interested in building their wealth in a more conservative way. It is not surprising to note that they would choose the system with the least risk available. Thus, they would prefer savings than trust funds and mutual funds. While it is true that UITF and mutual funds provide higher return as compared to savings, they usually come with higher risks. Yes, savings offers the lowest interest rates, but still it's the best way to start with before climbing up to the ladder of investing in trust funds. What's important is that there's a venue for your money to grow with time. For as long as you already get the basics of savings, then you'll be doing good at investing. There's always a room for learning, you just have to take it one step at a time. But for now, since taking high risk is not the best option, we'll only touch the basic topics on savings plus how to compute the interest that you may earn from your account.

So, How to compute the interest?

Since savings can pour some interest. I bet you've been asking how to calculate them, or maybe you're curious about how much would you earn from the money that you put in the bank. Whichever it is, the one thing is for sure: you are really concerned with how much gain can you get from the principal amount. Well, that's exactly the same questions that I asked before. I've been curious about the formula to compute it not until I asked a bank personnel as to how this things are done. So, to provide information to those who still strive, I am dedicating this post to you.

Be informed that banks have their own policies, rates, and calculations. There might be differences on the terms and conditions that may apply to a certain account. I am only providing this information for you to be able to set your expectation, and to give you an estimate of the earned interest. It is highly recommended that you visit your bank or branch of account. and ask the banker for your concerns. 

The formula to be used in getting the interest is this:
I = P*(r/100)*(n/365)
I = interest earned
P= principal amount
r = interest rate
n = number of days in a certain term (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, yearly)

Most banks provide interest in a monthly basis. That is, the interest is credited to your account every end of the month. Other banks credit the interest quarterly, semi-annually or yearly. To fully understand, let's take a look at the example below.

John opened an account on October 1, 2014 and deposited Php10,000 at 5% rate. How much would be the interest at the end of the month if he makes no withdrawal from October 1 to October 31, 2014?

I = P*(r/100)*(n/365)
  = (10,000)*(5/100)*(31/365)
I = 42.47

Thus, the interest is Php42.47 and the total money on his account should be Php10042.47 at the end of October.
money in wooden letters
Money is important, so better use it wisely.
Source: Philip Taylor, CC BY 2.0, via flickr and ptmoney.com
Here's another case:
Suppose that Peter has an initial amount of Php5000 at the start of the month of December. On December 5, he deposited an amount of Php10,000 and another Php10,000 on the 20th. On his birthday, December 28, he made a withdrawal of Php9,000 from his savings account. How much would be the interest if savings is rated at 5% per annum?

The bank policy on Average Daily Balance (ADB) will be followed in this example. ADB should be computed first since the amount involved is not constant. That is, there are some times that Peter withdraws and deposits an amount. To compute ADB, just sum up the amount, and get the average based on the total number of days in a single term.

Example of Peter's statement of account
Date Number of days (n) Available balance in SA (Php)
Dec 1 - 4
Dec 5 - 19
Dec 20 - 27
Dec 28 - 31

Computing the ADB:
ADB = {4(5000) + 15(15000) + 8(25000) + 4(16000)} / 31 days
         =  16,419.35

Using the result for ADB as the principal amount, P:
I = P*(r/100)*(n/365)
  = (16,419.35)*(5/100)*(31/365)
I = 69.73

The interest earned at the end of the month is Php69.73. So, the account bears a total amount of Php 16,069.72.

So here it goes. I hope you find this article helpful and you now know how to do the basic calculations for finding the interest from your savings.
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October 28, 2014

20 Business Ideas for New Entrepreneurs

elegant restaurantAre you planning to put up a new business but do not exactly know where to start? Confused with the kind of business to begin with? If you are looking for small business ideas, then you are on the right place. Read through this article and try to figure out which of the following tips suits your financial goals and interests.
True as it seems, every entrepreneur wants to be successful with his business. Hence, to maximize the chances of becoming successful, a rigorous planning is required. Planning is the first step of achieving goals, and creating a strong concept about your business should be considered during this stage. Are you doing this as a sideline, or as main source of income? Can you afford the risks that will surely come along the way? Also, figure out what you really want to offer to the market. Consumers must find them valuable, reliable and important. Think of the unique features that your product or service can have, and highlight them. This can make you stand out among competitors since consumers can easily tell which one is worth spending and which one is not by merely looking at the value imbedded on the products/services. Customers will find you if you maintain good quality service at all times. Well, of course, with lots of determination and perseverance, one will likely to succeed in this quest.
As mentioned, I am rolling out the following ideas you might want to try. Who knows, this might be a small start for something really big opportunity in the future. So keep hanging in there and enjoy the list I have provided for you.

1. Catering services
If food presentation and cooking are your expertise, then you must be really interested to start your career with catering services. This type of business requires manpower, so you must hire individuals who can have good customer service skills.

2. Online selling
Internet drastically improved our lives by providing a great platform for communication. Since the world wide web is accessible by anyone from different parts of the world, online advertising and online selling have made its big leap into the spotlight in reaching out the audience. Today, online selling is highly profitable. You can easily promote your products through social media or websites, and let people find you at their own comfort. 

3. Blogging
With the advent of computer technology and internet, advertising and affiliate marketing to name a few, have become the source of income for bloggers. How does this system work? Advertisers rent a space in your blog by putting up ad banners. Everytime a visitor clicks an ad, you can earn from it. Other bidders will pay based on impression and pageviews. It's so easy to make a blog. You just have to be very persistent in publishing high quality content and deliver useful information to your readers. Implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to your blog can also help to increase your income by matching the keywords that people are entering into the search engines. If you are planning to start a business but does not have a capital at hand, then here's a good news for you: there are lots of blogging platforms available online. Others are offering free hosting like Blogger and Wordpress. Although free services are good enough, I still recommend to buy your own domain just to have personal branding. It's a great investment for a growing online business.
4. Apartment rental or house rental
This one is perfect for those people who have houses and real properties that seemed to be dormant for years now. If you are living abroad and can't help but to leave your own native house, then it is a wise idea to turn that house into a business by opening it for lease. A minor or even a major renovation is required just to make the house appealing to renters and prospect customers.

computer repair5. Computer repair and maintenance
Are you a computer genius? If you are an expert in repairing computers, then you should be interested with this stuff. More people nowadays are owning desktop pc and laptops. It would be interesting to note that computer repair and maintenance services are becoming popular. You can make flyers and distribute them in your community. You can also post advertisements on your social media accounts and wait for your customer's call.
6. Laundry service
Busy people are often tired to do their own laundry. Employees who work on graveyard shifts like in call center jobs usually prefer to pay for a laundry service. Having a business like this not only helps you but also those individuals who want to make things easier for them.
7. Water refilling station
The demand for a potable drinking water is high. More people are now health-conscious and would like to ensure that the water they drink is 100% clean and safe. To answer this demand, you can start with a small water station that caters in-depth water purifying. Take note, alkaline water is becoming popular in this field so you might give it a try.
8. Pool cleaning and maintenance
Hotels and luxurious houses surely have swimming pool as one of their amenities. If you are capable of giving a pool service, then you must also try it now. This requires pool cleaning kits, tools or  equipment, and of course the skill of handling such service. You can alternatively hire someone who runs stuff like this, I am sure it would be a wonderful investment.

cup cakes
9. Baking and cake decorating
Is baking your hobby? How much do you enjoy cake decorating? Turn your your delicious hobby into an instant bakery business. You can put up a small bakeshop and accept orders from your customers. You will be delighted how much they love your masterpiece.
10. Cleaning services
You can offer cleaning services to large and small companies. These establishments must maintain cleanliness within their premises, so collaborating with cleaning agencies is a must for them. In addition, this service can be extended to houses which require general cleaning and housekeeping by appointment.
11. Event coordinator
As an event coordinator, you must be very good in conceptualizing, planning and organizing an event or project. Be updated with the events happening within your community and maximize your potential of making an income from these events. You must also learn the ropes of organizing in order to be successful in this field.

cute dog
12. Pet grooming
Are you a dog lover, or someone who knows how to groom pets? If you are, then why not offer a pet grooming service? Pet owners care so much when it comes to grooming their cats or dogs.

13. Tutorial services
Providing a tutorial service for elementary and high school students is a good idea. You can offer several subjects, but be sure to highlight the difficult subjects like Science and Mathematics. You can have a home tutorial or an online tutorial depending on your customer's preference.
14. Website designing
Web designers are highly in-demand today. As I have said earlier, the development of internet provided an avenue for online businesses to grow at a rapid rate. More people are looking at online marketing as one of the best strategies of advertisement so they want to build websites that answer their needs. If you are really good at coding and designing, then this one fits you.
15. Data entry services
There are lots of online opportunities out there. If you visit Odesk or Elance (sites for freelancers), you will probably find jobs for data entry. You can begin as freelancer and build a good reputation over time.
16. Smartphone repair
Smart phones are now used by almost every person. Installing a repair shop is a good idea. Just be updated with the latest technology and the most applicable troubleshooting techniques for mobile phones.
17. Food carting
Have you noticed about the food carts or food stalls located inside a mall? This is a very good business since your products are readily exposed to customers and shoppers. Food carting can also be acquired through franchising, so starting up a business would not be as difficult as you think.
18. Auto repair and car washing
If car maintenance and repair is your expertise, then auto repair services might fit you as well. You can build a repair shop that is easily accessible by motorists. Also, you can increase your income potential by rendering car washing options to your customers.
19. Car rental services
A person who doesn't own a car for some reason might knock on your door one day and ask to rent a car for a certain occasion like his wedding. Have you ever think about this big opportunity? Car rental is prominent in some countries where customers will rent your car for a day or two and pay appropriate amount for such service.
20. Furniture and upholstery
Do you enjoy carving and other wood works? If yes, then the furniture industry might be good for you. You can even expand your earnings by making it even more exciting by including upholstery on it.

Photo credits:
All photos are from pixabay, CC0 Public Domain
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October 18, 2014

How To Avoid Tardiness At Work

shadows walking fast

Tardiness is one of the most common problems among employees today. Since more companies are taking serious battle against tardiness at work, certain policies are implemented which can make an employment status become jeopardized. According to a study, one in three employers have fired an employee due to tardiness. While 48% of employers are expecting their employees to report on time everyday, 34% say they allow their workers to be late once in a while for as long as being late does not become a habit in the long run. On the other hand, 18% waived their right to care about being late for as long as the job is perfectly done and finished on time.

It is quite interesting to note the most common excuses why people report to work later than their expected time. The most common excuses are as follows:
- heavy traffic
- lack of sleep
- public transportation problems
- bad weather
- dropping kids off to school

In this modern time, people seem to be very busy on so many things that they tend to forget how to manage their time wisely. They spend long hours on the internet just to check the facebook newsfeed, or to read new posts on twitter. Some people tend to watch the latest movies at hand while others are often busy with their mobile phones in exchanging messages with friends. I am not saying that these are to be eradicated in our lives, and I am not an  anti-social person, just in case you're curious. All I want to point out here is that people now lack self-discipline and time management. Why? They usually do these extra activities in the evening until midnight or 2 o'clock in the morning, which eventually lead to lack of sleep and of course, tardiness. The worse part is, they keep on doing this again and again in the expense of their own employment. There are also unpreventable factors which can cause you delay for work. They are inevitable, and we don't have control over these circumstances. Few examples are untoward accidents, emergencies, and bad weather which bring so much inconvenience on your part. Having these reasons are quite acceptable, but remember, companies have different policies regarding lateness and it's all up to the human resource personnel or to your superior to decide whether your reason is valid or not.

Effects of Tardiness
When you come to work late, what you do not know is that you are actually destroying yourself physically and mentally.
sad man

When we are late, we tend to beat the time, and the only thing to achieve that is through rushing things up - skipping breakfast, stressful running towards the office, and sacrificing personal hygiene (not taking a bath and not brushing teeth) just to make it on time as possible. Aside from that, the negative habit of tardiness also ills our mental state. Based on experience, when you know that you're already delayed, you surely feel anxious and stressed when you are on your way to the office. This is because you are afraid of the consequences and penalties that might be imposed on you for violating a company policy. Much more afraid of your boss who will be mad at you. Most of all, a sense of embarassment is felt when co-workers stare at you when you pass by the hall way, making a grand entrance with sweat and disastrous look. Sounds stressful, isn't it? That doesn't stop there. Being tardy can also ruin your honesty! Yes, you read it right. Some are forced to make false stories just to make their excuses sound to be valid to anybody else. They are doing this to avoid committing violations thus saving them from punishments or penalty charges.

Tips On How To Avoid Tardiness
The causes and effects of tardiness have been discussed earlier. Now, let me give you the simple tips on how to end that habit of tardiness. Read through the tips below, and together let's live a healthier, more productive life.

1. Try using an alarm clock to wake you up
alarm clock

This one is literally simple. Since lack of sleep is a common reason for the delay, then it wouldn't be a surprise if I'd say that an alarm clock can be your best buddy. You can use this to wake you up on time. Just be extra careful in setting the alarm. I've been through that experience before when I wrongly set the time. Instead of 6AM, I entered 6PM and then every thing else turned bad after that such bad mistake. Most of us have smartphones so i guess we should utilize the alarm clock application on it.

2. Set your built in body clock
man sleeping

Believe it or not, we do have a built in body clock. Our bodies respond differently at certain period of time. Have you ever asked yourself why you feel hungry during lunch time? Your mind and stomach is actually telling you that its noon time, and you should have your lunch or else you'll be having stomachaches. The reaction is periodic because it has been done that way, that is, to eat foods during lunchtime. In short, your body is getting used to it as you are constantly doing it everyday. You can utilize this body feature in helping you to get up on time. Let's say you'll sleep at 10PM and wake up at 6AM the next day. Continue doing this everyday, and you'll see that your body starts to get used to it. When this becomes a habit, you'll probably not need an alarm clock anymore.

3. Avoid the heavy traffic
heavy traffic jam

I know traffic has been listed as the most common excuse, so I guess, we should tackle this subject in this article. Please avoid the heavy traffic by using alternative routes leading to your destination. You can ask help from friendly traffic enforcers as to what particular streets are less susceptible to traffic during the time of your travel. Also, avoid rush hours as they bring you stress from heavy traffic jam. Make it a habit to allocate an allowance of 30-60 minutes, just to make sure you'll never end up late again.

4. Check the weather news
bad weathee due to hurricane

Will it rain? Weather forecasts will help you determine the weather condition of the following day. Our experience would tell us that bad weather is literally a bad day because it causes inconvenience such as heavy traffic and flooded streets. When you know about the weather condition, you can surely prepare yourself by coming early to work the next day.

5. Work out your day-to-day schedule
making schedule

Make a list of daily important activities that you want to accomplish. Focus your attention to this list and please avoid procrastination. If you can do it, better do it now and you'll be much happy afterwards. On the other hand, always make it a habit to prepare all your necessary things at night (before going to sleep). Pick out the best suit/dress and check your bags, just in case you forgot to bring something important for work. Being an organized person is the key here. It might be difficult at the start, but constant practice makes it a perfect solution for your problem.

6. Consider flexible working schedule
job interview

When the above tips fail, and you've found out that you are not really available for work, say early in the morning, then why don't you ask your boss for a flexible schedule? In this set up, you are free to choose a working time schedule appropriate to your lifestyle and convenience.

This article serves as a guide to those people who want to improve their working habits. I suggest that you should have strong determination and self-discipline in order to achieve long-term goals such as this one. If this helped you in any way, please don't hesitate to share this to your friends, or drop by your valuable comments below.

Photo credits:
All photos from pixabay, CC0 Public Domain
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October 15, 2014

How to Impress Your Boss At Meetings

business meeting

Meetings are held for a certain purpose: to solve a problem, to discuss current issues, and to disseminate important information among employees. When calling for a meeting, make sure you already have defined a clear purpose. You have to be very specific with what you want to discuss, what you want to accomplish and why you are bringing the group together. Remember, your colleagues also have their own work and deadlines to meet, so it it would be nice to inform them that their presence is highly important. Also, avoid having an appointment with the wrong person (just for the sake of calling a meeting) whose interest/job is totally unrelated with the subject and agenda. Both of you will only be wasting the time, talking about nasty things. Well, that's really unproductive, we should prevent that to happen! So let's keep focused now and try to digest the following ways of handling the meeting while impressing your co-employees and boss at the same time.

1. Inform the group about the scheduled meeting
The best and the most polite way to start this is to inform the concerned persons or groups 1 to 2 days before the schedule. You might be having problems now that pushes you to discuss the problems as soon as possible with the concerned individuals. But, take note that your colleagues also encounter problems that need immediate actions - in short, they are also busy and might be busier than you think. You'll end up frustrated when only few members showed up just because they are chasing their own deadlines. So, to save yourself from stress and inconvenience, please inform your boss or colleagues earlier than the scheduled day. You'll have the opportunity to negotiate the date, time and place for the event.

2. Choose the right venue

meeting room
Prepare all the necessary things like laptops, projectors, monitors, markers, and the venue at large. Make sure the room area is proportional to the number of attendees. Check the room's air conditioning system and its facilities including the needed furniture. Be sure to reserve the room for the upcoming meeting.

3. Start on-time

no wasting time

Time is precious. To businessmen and bosses, time is one of the most valuable resources that they have, so better put some value on it. When you say 9 AM, you should mean to start at 9 AM sharp, nothing more, nothing less. You must be there fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled time to fix and finalize things. Keep this as a habit and you'll end up having a good reputation for wise time management. Your boss will appreciate this and will give you respect since like him, you also know how to value your time.

4. Be straight-forward in discussing the problems and issues


Now, you are in the most important part of this gathering: to raise the problems and issues that you encounter. Be direct to the point in discussing them to the group. Your presentation should be clear enough and concise. Try to include data and figures on your presentation. Graphs and illustrations will make this task easier. Take note of the present  conditions and the type of problems that occur. From there, you can develop possible solutions through brainstorming and analysis.

5. Recommend viable countermeasures
The company hires an employee in order to solve its problems. Thus, each employee is expected to deliver competitive performance towards his job. During recruitment, the hiring manager chose you among any other candidates simply because you were seen with lots of talent, skills and right attitude - you are fit for the job and the hiring manager has seen your potential of becoming successful in your job. In simple terms, the hiring manager believes in you.

Now is the right time to show-off your problem-solving skills by recommending relevant solutions. Show them that you really care with your job and you are really serious in finding out the most effective solution. After expressing your proposal, stay open-minded by asking the suggestions of other employees. They might have wonderful ideas at the back of their minds. You just have to listen to them. When you do this, your boss will surely be impressed with your attitude. You have just shown a sense of balance and respect towards your co-workers.

6. Conclude with a right decision
After a series of discussions and brainstorming, it is now the high time to develop a sound decision from your proposal and the suggestions of your colleagues. You must be able to pick the right and viable solution by evaluating the recommended countermeasures and by asking the following:

- Will this be effective and applicable to my section/department?
- What are the advantages and disadvantages if I implement this in my area?
- What are the risks, and how high are those risks?
- Who will be affected with the implementation of this countermeasure?
- Will I still be able to meet the required quality or standards after the change?

Be firmed with your decision and assure the members of the group that you will constantly monitor the results after its implementation. Make them feel that you are more willing to provide results.

7. End the meeting on-time as scheduled
The final process is the most important one! Try to give a good impression to all the attendees by expressing gratitude to them. Thank them for their participation and for their presence. When everything else is covered, end the meeting gracefully and on-time.

Photo credits: All photos are from pixabay, CC0 Public Domain

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October 08, 2014

Financial Planning Tips For Young Professionals

Young professionals are those individuals who just got out from college and have started their own careers in their chosen fields. They can be at their early or mid 20's - the range of ages when physical strength towards work is at its peak. Thus, they are more capable of earning lots of money because they can spend long hours of work as compared to the older employees. Aside from that, the members of this batch are mostly single, they do not have the biggest responsibilities such as feeding the whole family, paying household bills or paying tuition fee of the other family member. Although they can give money to their parents and support their family, still they do not have the direct responsibilities, provided that their parents are still earning a living.

But, why do these young professionals still have financial problems? Why are they struggling with their cashflows? There must be something wrong. It can be attributed to budget mishandling and a deep issue on self-discipline.

In every financial aspect, having self-discipline is as important as having financial resources or money. How can you save money for the future when you keep on spending like a one-day-billionaire? How can you start building your dream house when you don't even have the right amount of money to start with because you've spent them all in the first place? People seem to be out of focus when it comes to spending. So, here are simple financial planning tips you can follow through:

1. Make a list of priorities

Try to build a boundary between your wants and needs. Though this may vary from one person to another since each of us wear different lifestyles, it is still important to be reminded of our priorities so that we can fully maximize the budget. Make use of this list when going to the mall or supermarket. In this way, your spending is being controlled and you are assured that all the important things are fully covered; nothing is missed out on your cart. Anyway, if you still have few extra money, you can spend them for a little luxury.

2. Build your own savings
Having a savings account that yields interest is a good way of keeping your resources in a safe place like banks. Gone are those days when piggy banks are used. Now, more people put their money in savings bank and let their money grow with time as interests are accumulated every year depending on the rates and policies implemented by banks. Just be careful in choosing the right bank for you. Make sure it is a stable firm and it offers quality service to clients. Also, remember not to put all your eggs in one basket - that's the smartest thing you should do to minimize the risk.

If you are planning to build your dream house or you want to buy real estates and cars five years from now, then opening a savings account is just right for you. Set your goals and make some necessary actions to achieve them someday. You should plan your future by making the right decision now.

3. Investing the right way
The best way to improve your wealth, perhaps in a reasonable time is through proper investing. Whether you are putting an investment for business or you are availing the investment through banks, you are in the right track. Investment as compared to savings, yields higher interest and return. Due to inflation, the value of interest coming from your savings will not be enough to sustain your living for the next years to come. But with investment, the value of your resources will be at par with the market.

One thing you should take into consideration before investing is the risk. You must learn to assess and evaluate the risks in every investment activity that you do. Remember to be careful in your dealings so as not to put your wealth and hard work into waste.

4. Let's do some business
After saving, investing, and placing things properly according to priorities, it is now the right time to start building a business that can enhance your financial security in the future. You can think of business ideas and build partnerships with your close friends. The risk of failure in a certain business is always present thus, trust and confidence are required among partnerships and corporation. But, isn't it nice to run your own business? It is not impossible to achieve your dreams for as long as you have the right attitude and good strategy, you are on your way to success.

5. Choose the right insurance for you
Usually, young adults do not have the time to think about their future. They tend to live in the present time and forget about the things that might happen tomorrow. This is a big mistake because they're just putting themselves into uncertainty. What will happen to you forty years from now? Do you think you can still live at your own comfort at age 60? How would you live your life after retirement? These are the few situations we should be prepared of. Having the right insurance for your health and properties is also important. Browse through lots of portfolios from different insurance companies and choose the best coverage that fits your needs and lifestyle. Just be extra careful in choosing the right insurance for you so that you'll not end up helpless and frustrated in the near future. You should act now before it's too late.

Photo credits: All photos are from pixabay, Public Domain
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June 29, 2014

Why You Must Love Yourself First Before Giving Love to Others

Do you love yourself? Most of us will probably answer a YES. Well I guess, the selfie generation is an evident for this. But let me ask you again, quite quantitative this time, how much do you love yourself? Not that much (I am sure about it). You wouldn't have cared to read this post or clicked on the title if you are 100% sure that you love yourself. There's a voice within that keeps on urging you to keep reading this post and learn the reasons why you should love yourself before anybody else.

Are you ready?

Loving yourself first before loving somebody else is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself. I am not talking about being selfish here. There is a strong boundary between being selfish and being naturally in love with one's self. When you care enough for yourself, you can always see the best in you no matter how bad the situation is. You can have stunning confidence even when placed in a nerve-cracking event. You can be really happy even in the simplest way. You will always feel contented with what you have. Less worry, less stress. Everything else will be fine as long as you love yourself.

How can you give love to others when you don't even know how to love yourself? Common sense works here. How can you teach someone how to make a living when you do not even know how to do it in the first
place? You must develop love within yourself, and you will see how it will radiate towards those people surrounding you.

How to start loving one's self?
Simple answer. Know your strength and weaknesses, and accept them. Embrace yourself with the fact that you are a wonderful creation of God and that you are special in your own ways. Admit the fact that nobody is perfect, so as mistakes are inevitable. Let go of yourself and breakaway from the chains that bind you. Chains that bring fear of being rejected and criticized. Also, don't forget to be grateful with what you have. You will have more reasons to live a happy life.

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What To Do When You Feel That Life Seems Unfair

Is life really unfair?
Life is not fair! We often hear this statement from our close friends, relatives, or other people who encounter lots of difficulties in life. In fact, they even ask the following questions: Why me? What did I do wrong to deserve this punishment? Am I not worthy of my own happiness? "It's like fate is playing a game on me. I can't handle this anymore..."

We encounter different problems in life and having them is just normal. These challenges affect our lives in different ways depending on how we perceive it- we become stronger, braver, and fiercer. So what to do when life seems unfair?

The first thing to remember is to never lose hope. Second, always have the reason to move on and to smile for. It's all in the state of mind. Thinking the problem as a big one will only worsen the situation. The problem becomes difficult because we see it as difficult. We often see the bad side of the situation, trying to magnify it every time until it becomes worst and difficult to manage. This is when suicide attempts happen. The situation becomes too difficult to handle to the extent that they want to escape away from it, vanish, and die. But why did they do that? Most people forget to think about how grateful they are to live on this wonderful Earth. Having a life itself is a wonderful blessing, too wonderful to put into waste and focus on the negative. Take some time with your loved ones, and share all your problems with them. They may not solve your problems directly, but You'll be amazed how they can enlighten your heart and mind. You'll be able to see different perspectives towards solving the problem.
Life is not as terrible as you think!

Be thankful for all of the blessings that you receive and put yourself closer to God. Never lose hope in dealing with whatever problems you have. You are stronger than what you believe. You are smarter than what you think. If the fate is playing on you, then play it smart. Win it this time.

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June 08, 2014

Good Business Ideas: 5 Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur

good qualities to be successful in business
Having a good business idea but still don't know how to start? Do you want to become a successful entrepreneur? Aside from leadership skills, entrepreneurs must have these good qualities in order to become successful in their own business. Do you have such qualities? Let's find it out if you've got what it takes to become an efficient business man.
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Do you want to become a successful entrepreneur? I assume that your answer is a big YES. Anyways, you would never have cared to read this post if becoming an entrepreneur is none of your business, right? Well, you have just started reaching your goal, because you're now on the right track of becoming a successful businessman someday - you are reading this article which will help you develop the good qualities of an effective and efficient entrepreneur. So, shall we start revealing the qualities that define a good entrepreneur?

He takes the moderate risks
good decision like crossroads
Just like the crossroads, one must take
risks and develop reasonable decisions.
Source: By Keith Evans, CC BY-SA 2.0, via geograph
A good entrepreneur will not be afraid of taking risks. In fact, he will accept risks intelligently, and that is what we call as "moderate risk". Moderate risk means that the success or failure of his activities will depend on his skills and efforts. So whatever outcome he may get, it becomes a part of his own responsibility. The possibility of failure is minimized by efforts put in by the entrepreneur to make his business really successful.

He takes personal responsibility for his own actions
He commits his efforts, knowledge, skills and investment to his own business. Should he fail on his business, he has only himself to blame and no others. But if he succeeds, he has his own qualities to attribute to his success. He must be responsible in his own actions and decisions and ponder on the results or consequences. 

He has self confidence
How would you run your own company when you are not even confident with yourself? How would your employees see you as the strongest person in the organization when you are not showing any confidence at all? An entrepreneur tends to believe that he can do better than what others can do. He relies more on his own ability to produce good outcomes.

He considers feedbacks and accepts constructive criticisms
This is one of the best qualities of a good businessman - knowing the status of his own business. He wants to seek feedbacks from the results in the form of profits, sales, volume of production, and customer's reactions. He would like to know how well his business is doing to allow him to continue or change his course of action or method of working, if necessary. It is his motivational drive that keeps him going.

achievement oriented person
Want to earn more from your efforts?
Plan ahead and reach that ultimate goal.
By geralt, Public Domain, via pixabay
He is goal-oriented
He performs his tasks excellently for the sake of excellence rather than rewards of prestige and recognition or power. He works hard for the personal accomplishment the job will give him. Successful business-minded people always have proper planning which includes how the goals are realized or achieved.

So, there you go! Let these qualities and attitude guide you to become successful. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. 
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June 05, 2014

5 Important Questions You Should Ask Yourself

questions, question mark, self evaluation
Want to know yourself better? Read this post and try to answer
the questions found on this article.
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Knowing your self is an essential way of understanding your skills, capacity, attitude and your personal identity. Sometimes we tend to evaluate ourselves by asking a few questions which can help us in knowing ourselves better. Exercising our intra-personal skills is good and is optimized when used to our advantage. With this, there is a big chance of completely knowing one's self if we just try to answer those questions with utmost sincerity.

Here is a list of questions you need to ask yourself:

1.What is my purpose in life?
This question involves critical thinking and self evaluation. Finding one's purpose in life is just like finding your true value. Your answer should summarize the reason why you exists and what makes life worth living for. We all have different purposes, and it's up for us to discover it. To make a difference to other people's lives through helping them to become happy and successful is a good example of a

2. Am I happy with my life today? 
Simple question, isn't it? Well, this might be easy for you at first but mind you, several people can't even find the right answer for it. Most of us are not contented with what we already have. We tend to look for bigger greater things to the extent that we forget the essence of true happiness. True happiness comes along with peace and love. For when a person embraces these virtues, he will live with contentment and overflowing joy.
What a great picture! Keep happy moments with family and friends
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3. What are my goals in life? How can I achieve them?
Planning is an important task one should do every day. It is necessary in order to have a clearer, more organized future ahead. One way of doing this is by examining your goals in life and thinking how to realize them. Your goals will serve as the blueprint of a brighter future, so better be careful about it. Get a piece of paper and write down all your goals. Just be realistic with it so that frustration and disappointment will not bother you once you miss hitting the target.

4. What are the things I can't live without?
Believe in yourself, and you will soon become the person
you've been dreaming of.
Source: By Ingenious Note
This question tries to evaluate the things you consider as most valuable. It may be a group of people - family and friends, or a single person - your lover. Think about them, and embrace the gift of having them in your life. Treasure the happy moments with them and be grateful for having them.

5. Am I the best person I want to be?

You should have a clear perception about you becoming the best person you always want to be. Well, it's not about trying to become somebody else, it's about finding the best way that you can be. Examine yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually. Check your attitude and your actions as well, you might not know that somebody is already hurt with your attitude and actions.
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