Great Things Happen To Those Who Believe

Now that a new year is coming, I would like to share with you how this year becomes so special to me. Year 2016 has been so good. This made me believe in the saying "Great things happen to those who believe and to those who wait."

Keeping the hopes up.

I was so lucky to start the year 2016 with a new job. This was such a great reward for me after a series of struggles in landing a job and being in a company where I can truly be happy about. I have been through hard times in finding the right job, and the quest was never that easy. I adapted the trial and error method at the very early stage of my career, I failed and almost gave up after realizing that the path I chose didn't suit me well. I felt frustration and disappointment. But I know that there must be something better ahead of me. I believe that God has His own ways, better than I could imagine. So, I moved on and continued with my journey. Today, I am still working in the same company that hired me during the early days of 2016, and I am about to celebrate my first anniversary of staying here. I am just getting excited about it. My job provided me the opportunity to grow. It gives me high hopes for a better career in the future. I know that I am just starting with my job and it would take time for me to develop my skills. But I will get there, someday, I will be successful.

New friends and acquaintances.

I've came to build friendship with my new colleagues. Over time, I can feel that the bond that we have are getting stronger each day. Having good friends is necessary and not an option. They build your confidence every time because they always see the best things in you.

Out-of-town adventures.

I love to travel! My wish for this year has been granted since I was able to travel to the neighboring province of Bohol. It was a memorable experience with my college friends since we were not able to see each other for 2 years now. We stayed in Panglao island. The place is so wonderful, in fact, it is dubbed as little Boracay (another well-known beach in the Philippines). We also went to Carmen in order to watch the Chocolate Hills. I also experienced some sort of adrenaline rush when I tried the Bike Rush. It was shivering at first, but still worth it. To sum it up, this year is full of fun and adventure. Significant things happened to my life - good and bad. But, I am still thankful with what I have right now. I am hopeful for the next year to be bigger and better. How about you? How's your life, so far? I would be glad to hear your stories. Come on, use the comment box below to send in your thoughts.

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