How to Alleviate Anger in 4 Ways

Getting mad? Read this article to know how to lessen anger
Getting mad and angry? Read this article to know what you can do to control anger
It was late in the evening. I went to the supermarket to buy some things for personal consumption. I admit, I was really tired and were out of the mood that time. I was about to postpone this shopping thing the next day, but I don’t have any choice but to do it now. I know I must do it then. Besides, I can’t afford to deprive myself of necessities – our fridge is literally empty. So, I went to the grocery shelves and grab everything that I needed, everything that suits well with my budget, of course. And yeah, I was really tired then, I didn’t even bother to give a smile to a friendly cashier as I went to the counter for my payment. All I was thinking that time was to go home as soon as possible. 

The supermarket was about to close, I knew it since they already played the song “Closing Time.” I hurriedly went out of the store only to find out that people were out of the streets, waiting for taxi cabs and public utility vehicles (jeepney as we call it). Sigh! I must be spending more time, waiting for a jeepney. Rain started to fall, and it worsen the situation. I walked farther and stood by on the waiting shed. It was a little bit dark, the lamp on the post was flickering. I then noticed a young couple who also went on the same waiting shed. They were having a tough conversation –petty quarrels, I guess. I looked at the girl, her eyes were glazing. Her voice became louder and louder. I can see her shaking and trembling in anger. Then suddenly, “Pak!” She slapped him way too hard. She cried and walked away with tears.

Realization came out from my mind the moment I saw that scene. What makes her angry like that? That's one thing I am not sure of. All I know is that anger and frustration was there. It's a sad story, isn't it? But it should have been a different story if both of them knew how to control their emotions.

How to Get Rid of Anger?

1. Let it out
The best way to lessen up that hard feeling is to simply let it out - rant as much as you can. Just make sure you do it in a private place so you'll not be embarrassed and get the attention of other people. Say whatever you want to say and I'm sure you'll feel better. You can also talk to a close friend, and shout if you want to.

Forgive those who have hurt you
Don't stress yourself too much by letting hatred control your life

2. Learn to understand the situation
One way of giving remedy to a problem is by knowing the things that caused it. As what I've said, anger is sometimes due to frustration and disappointment. Analyze the situation and control that bursting emotion. You will have longer patience if you just understand everything. Be responsible and don't blame others for what happened.

3. Forgive those who have hurt you
Anger is just a manifestation of underlying wounds inside you. When we're angry, we actually store negative energies in our minds and bodies. Have you experienced feeling restless and uneasy when angry? Free yourself and forgive those who have wronged you. You will feel better if you don't let hatred reside in your heart for a long time.

4. Let go and try to move on
When the situation is getting worse to the extent that the relationship is badly broken and destroyed, and you'll find no hope of reconciliation, then the best way that you can do is to let go of that relationship. What's the reason for keeping those people who always bring you anger and disappointment in your life? You were born to serve your own purpose - to be happy and to fulfill your dreams - and not to experience misery your whole life through. So stay away from people who constantly give you stress.

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