Energy Saving Tips To Reduce Expenses at Home

One way of saving money is by cutting down household expenses such as the electric, telephone, and water bills.

Ways of Cutting Down Electricity bills  
The cost of electricity is rising, so this commodity should be used wisely. Remember to follow these reminders in using electricity.
  • Lights and other appliances that are not in use should be turned off.
  • It is cheaper to use the fluorescent lamps than incandescent bulbs.
  • Use electric fans instead of air conditioners.
  • Keep refrigerators always closed. 
  • Never overload refrigerator and defrost it regularly.
  • Use television set and other electrical appliances sparingly.

Ways of Reducing Telephone Expenses
A voice from a loved one warms our heart. Phone bills will not lessen this warmth if you follow these ideas in cutting telephone expenses.
Make important calls and avoid idle conversations.
  • Call long distance during Sundays or during nighttime since calls are cheaper and rates are usually lower on these times.
  • Check bills if they are correct. Don't pay for calls not made by you. Verify with the telephone company before paying.
  • Make a list of important things to say before making a long distance call to avoid wasting time in idle talk.
  • Write letters to a loved one who is abroad instead of using a telephone. It is cheaper this way since stamps are cheaper than long distance phone calls.

Ways of Cutting Down Water Bills
Just like electricity, water rates have gone up so fast that it is necessary to think of ways to reduce the water bills. Water is becoming a scarce commodity especially with the rapid population expansion. The water bill can be reduced by following the tips listed below.
You can surely save money after following the household tips found in this article.
  • Replace worn out washers immediately when faucets leak.
  • Never flush toilets unnecessarily.
  • Use water in a pail instead of using a water hose when cleaning your cars.
  • If possible, launder clothes once a week.
  • After washing clothes, use the water that was used in washing clothes for flushing the toilets and cleaning the floor.
  • Water from which the vegetables are cooked or soaked can be used for broth. Rice washings can also be used in cooking soups.

Wise buying and knowledge of cutting household operation costs could mean saving a lot of money. Remember that little things when added up can become a big sum!

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