5 Important Questions You Should Ask Yourself

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Want to know yourself better? Read this post and try to answer
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Knowing yourself is an essential way of understanding your skills, capacity, and your personal identity. Sometimes we tend to evaluate ourselves by asking a few questions which can help us in knowing ourselves better. Exercising our intra-personal skills is good and is optimized only when used for our advantage. With this, there is a big chance of completely knowing one's self if we just try to answer those questions with utmost sincerity.

Here is a list of questions you need to ask yourself:

1. What is my purpose in life?
This question involves critical thinking and self evaluation. Finding one's purpose in life is like finding your true value. Your answer should summarize the reason why you exist and what makes life worth living for. We all have different purpose, and it's up for us to discover it. Making a difference in other people's lives by helping them and by making them successful is a good example of a

2. How am I today? Am I still happy with my life? 
Simple question, isn't it? Well, this might be easy for you at first but mind you, several people can't even find the right answer for this one. Most of us are not contented with what we already have. We tend to look for better things to the extent that we forget the essence of true happiness. True happiness comes along with peace and love. For when a person embraces these virtues, he will live with contentment and overflowing joy.
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3. What are my goals in life? How can I achieve them?
Planning should be taken first before jumping into decisions and actions. It is necessary to have a clearer, more organized future mind. One way of doing this is by examining your goals in life and thinking how to realize them. Your goals will serve as the blueprint of your own future, so better be careful about your actions. Get a piece of paper and write down all your goals. Just be realistic with it so that frustration and disappointment will not bother you once you miss hitting the target.

Believe in yourself, and you will soon become the person
you've been dreaming of.
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4. What are the things I can't live without?
This question tries to evaluate the things you consider as valuable. It may be a group of people - family and friends. Think about them, and embrace the gift of having them in your life. Treasure the happy moments with them and be grateful for having them.

5. Can I be the best person I want to be?
You should have a clear perception about you becoming the best person you always want to be. Well, it's not about trying to become somebody else, it's about finding the best way that you can be. Examine yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually. Check your attitude and your actions as well, you might not know that somebody is already hurt with your own actions.



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