When Life Becomes Unfair

Is life really unfair?
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Life’s not fair! We often hear this statement from people who encounter a series of difficulties in life. They also have a long list of questions trying to understand why they are stuck in misfortune. “What did I do wrong to deserve this? Am I not worthy of my own happiness? It’s like fate is playing tricks on me. I can’t handle this anymore...” We encounter different problems in life and having them on daily basis is normal. These challenges affect our lives in different ways depending on how we perceive it. Yes, we shall undergo pain, but this pain shall not remain or live with us forever. After winning these hardships, we become stronger and braver in the long run. So, what would you do when you are at the lowest point of your life? The first thing to remember is to never lose hope. Second, always have the reason to move on and to smile for. It’s all in the state of mind. Thinking the problem at large will only worsen the situation.

Overcoming the problem becomes difficult once we look at it that way. We often see the bad side of the situation without knowing that we are actually magnifying it, until it becomes worst and impossible to manage. This is when suicide attempts happen. The situation becomes too difficult to handle to the extent that people who experience chronic depression want to escape from their problems. But why did they do that? Most people forget to think about how grateful they are to live in this wonderful world. Having a life in the first place is a wonderful blessing. Just learn to be grateful and you’ll see the joy in every little thing. Take some time with your loved ones and vent out your problems to them. They may not solve your problems directly, but they can, at least, lessen the buden that you’re feeling inside. Have a meaningful conversation with them and you’ll be able to see different perspectives in solving your own problems.

Do you want to hear a secret? Life is not as terrible as you think!
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Be thankful for all the blessings that you receive and always remember to put God at the center of your life. Never lose hope in dealing with whatever problems you have. You are stronger than what you believe you are capable of. You are smarter than what you think. If the fate is playing on you, then play it smart. Win it this time with a smile.

Note: Please share this to your loved ones, especially to those who suffer from anxiety and depression. Let’s start making a difference.



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