Why You Must Love Yourself First Before Giving Love to Others

Loving one's self
You should go and love yourself.

Do you love yourself? Most of us will probably answer "yes". But let me ask you again, and rephrase my question. How much do you love yourself? Not that much? Or not quite sure this time, right? You wouldn't have cared to read this post nor clicked on the title if you are 100% sure that you love yourself. I know, there's this inner voice that urges you to keep reading this post. Well, go ahead, learn the reasons why you should love yourself first before loving anybody else.

Are you ready?

Loving yourself first before loving somebody else is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself. I am not talking about being selfish here. But, there is a strong boundary between being selfish and being naturally in love with one's self. When you care enough for yourself, you can always see the best in you no matter how bad the situation is. You can have stunning confidence even when placed in a nerve-racking situation. You can be really happy even in the simplest way. You will always feel contented with what you have. Less worry, less stress. Everything else will be fine as long as you love yourself.

How can you give love to others when you don't even know how to love yourself? How can you teach someone to make a living when you do not even know how to do it in the first place? You must develop love within yourself, and you will see how it will radiate towards the people around you.

How to start loving one's self?
It's quite simple - know your strength and weaknesses, and accept them. Embrace yourself with the fact that you are a wonderful creation of God and that you are special in your own ways. Admit the fact that nobody is perfect, so as mistakes are inevitable. Let go of yourself and breakaway from the chains that bind you. Chains that bring fear of being rejected and being criticized. Also, don't forget to be grateful with what you have. You will have more reasons to live a happy life.

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