20 Business Ideas for New Entrepreneurs

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Are you planning to put up a new business but do not exactly know where to start? Confused with the kind of business to begin with? If you are looking for small business ideas, then you are on the right place. Read through this article and try to figure out which of the following tips suits your financial goals and interests.
True as it seems, every entrepreneur wants to be successful with his business. Hence, to maximize the chances of becoming successful, a rigorous planning is required. Planning is the first step of achieving goals, and creating a strong concept about your business should be considered during this stage. Are you doing this as a sideline, or as main source of income? Can you afford the risks that will surely come along the way? Also, figure out what you really want to offer to the market. Consumers must find them valuable, reliable and important. Think of the unique features that your product or service can have, and highlight them. This can make you stand out among competitors since consumers can easily tell which one is worth spending and which one is not by merely looking at the value imbedded on the products/services. Customers will find you if you maintain good quality service at all times. Well, of course, with lots of determination and perseverance, one will likely to succeed in this quest.

As mentioned, I am rolling out the following ideas you might want to try. Who knows, this might be a small start for something really big opportunity in the future. So keep hanging in there and enjoy the list I have provided for you.

1. Catering services
If food presentation and cooking are your expertise, then you must be really interested to start your career with catering services. This type of business requires manpower, so you must hire individuals who can have good customer service skills.

2. Online selling
Internet drastically improved our lives by providing a great platform for communication. Since the world wide web is accessible by anyone from different parts of the world, online advertising and online selling have made its big leap into the spotlight in reaching out the audience. Today, online selling is highly profitable. You can easily promote your products through social media or websites, and let people find you at their own comfort. 

3. Blogging
With the advent of computer technology and internet, advertising and affiliate marketing to name a few, have become the source of income for bloggers. How does this system work? Advertisers rent a space in your blog by putting up ad banners. Everytime a visitor clicks an ad, you can earn from it. Other bidders will pay based on impression and pageviews. It's so easy to make a blog. You just have to be very persistent in publishing high quality content and deliver useful information to your readers.

Implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to your blog can also help to increase your income by matching the keywords that people are entering into the search engines. If you are planning to start a business but does not have a capital at hand, then here's a good news for you: there are lots of blogging platforms available online. Others are offering free hosting like Blogger and Wordpress. Although free services are good enough, I still recommend to buy your own domain just to have personal branding. It's a great investment for a growing online business.

4. Apartment rental or house rental
This one is perfect for those people who have houses and real properties that seemed to be dormant for years now. If you are living abroad and can't help but to leave your own native house, then it is a wise idea to turn that house into a business by opening it for lease. A minor or even a major renovation is required just to make the house appealing to renters and prospect customers.

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5. Computer repair and maintenance
Are you a computer genius? If you are an expert in repairing computers, then you should be interested with this stuff. More people nowadays are owning desktop pc and laptops. It would be interesting to note that computer repair and maintenance services are becoming popular. You can make flyers and distribute them in your community. You can also post advertisements on your social media accounts and wait for your customer's call.

6. Laundry service
Busy people are often tired to do their own laundry. Employees who work on graveyard shifts like in call center jobs usually prefer to pay for a laundry service. Having a business like this not only helps you but also those individuals who want to make things easier for them.

7. Water refilling station
The demand for a potable drinking water is high. More people are now health-conscious and would like to ensure that the water they drink is 100% clean and safe. To answer this demand, you can start with a small water station that caters in-depth water purifying. Take note, alkaline water is becoming popular in this field so you might give it a try.

8. Pool cleaning and maintenance
Hotels and luxurious houses surely have swimming pool as one of their amenities. If you are capable of giving a pool service, then you must also try it now. This requires pool cleaning kits, tools or  equipment, and of course the skill of handling such service. You can alternatively hire someone who runs stuff like this, I am sure it would be a wonderful investment.

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9. Baking and cake decorating
Is baking your hobby? How much do you enjoy cake decorating? Turn your your delicious hobby into an instant bakery business. You can put up a small bakeshop and accept orders from your customers. You will be delighted how much they love your masterpiece.

10. Cleaning services
You can offer cleaning services to large and small companies. These establishments must maintain cleanliness within their premises, so collaborating with cleaning agencies is a must for them. In addition, this service can be extended to houses which require general cleaning and housekeeping by appointment.

11. Event coordinator
As an event coordinator, you must be very good in conceptualizing, planning and organizing an event or project. Be updated with the events happening within your community and maximize your potential of making an income from these events. You must also learn the ropes of organizing in order to be successful in this field.

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12. Pet grooming
Are you a dog lover, or someone who knows how to groom pets? If you are, then why not offer a pet grooming service? Pet owners care so much when it comes to grooming their cats or dogs.

13. Tutorial services
Providing a tutorial service for elementary and high school students is a good idea. You can offer several subjects, but be sure to highlight the difficult subjects like Science and Mathematics. You can have a home tutorial or an online tutorial depending on your customer's preference.

14. Website designing
Web designers are highly in-demand today. As I have said earlier, the development of internet provided an avenue for online businesses to grow at a rapid rate. More people are looking at online marketing as one of the best strategies of advertisement so they want to build websites that answer their needs. If you are really good at coding and designing, then this one fits you.

15. Data entry services
There are lots of online opportunities out there. If you visit Upwork (site for freelancers), you will probably find jobs for data entry. You can begin as freelancer and build a good reputation over time.

16. Smartphone repair
Smart phones are now used by almost every person. Installing a repair shop is a good idea. Just be updated with the latest technology and the most applicable troubleshooting techniques for mobile phones.
17. Food carting
Have you noticed about the food carts or food stalls located inside a mall? This is a very good business since your products are readily exposed to customers and shoppers. Food carting can also be acquired through franchising, so starting up a business would not be as difficult as you think.

18. Auto repair and car washing
If car maintenance and repair is your expertise, then auto repair services might fit you as well. You can build a repair shop that is easily accessible by motorists. Also, you can increase your income potential by rendering car washing options to your customers.

19. Car rental services
A person who doesn't own a car for some reason might knock on your door one day and ask to rent a car for a certain occasion like his wedding. Have you ever think about this big opportunity? Car rental is prominent in some countries where customers will rent your car for a day or two and pay appropriate amount for such service.

20. Furniture and upholstery
Do you enjoy carving and other wood works? If yes, then the furniture industry might be good for you. You can even expand your earnings by making it even more exciting by including upholstery on it.

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