When we get worried, we usually anticipate on what might happen in the future. A worried person can foresee situations and events that can possibly occur. Worrying in its simplest form, is a good mental activity. When worried about something, we actually visualize lots of possibilities and hence, make some analysis from them. We tend to see chances and possibilities from our own point of view. It is quite helpful in making plans and in deciding courses of action about the foreseen problems and challenges. As they say, thinking ahead of the situation is the best way to prevent the worst-case scenario from happening.

Too tired of always seeing the danger in every situation
Too tired of seeing the danger in every situation?
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A little worry is good because when done appropriately, one can develop analytical thinking skills. On the contrary, too much worrying can lead to high anxiety and stress. It can make you feel threatened, tired and uneasy. All of these can trigger physical illness in the long run.

Signs and symptoms of anxiety

  • Tensed and worried
  • Irritability and vulnerability
  • Having difficulty in concentrating
  • Always expecting the worst to come
  • Seeing the danger in every situation and feel threatened
  • Develop uncontrollable negative thought

Why you should not worry too much?

Worrying which leads to stress and anxiety is not good for you. Aside from the fact that it can ruin your health, it can also affect your life as you cannot completely do your function and lowers your productuvity. You know you worry too much if anxiety interferes your life at home, school or at work. Negative thoughts occupy your mind, leaving all your life behind. You are dwelling on fears and insecurities in life, thinking about the uncertainties that lie along the way. Worrying is closely associated with stress so it is not really good for your health.

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