Young professionals are those individuals who just got out from college and have started their own careers in their chosen fields. They can be at their early or mid 20’s – the range of ages when physical strength towards work is at its peak. Thus, they are more capable of earning lots of money because they can spend long hours of work as compared to the older employees. Aside from that, the members of this batch are mostly single, they do not have the biggest responsibilities such as feeding the whole family, paying household bills or paying tuition fee of the other family member. Although they can give money to their parents and support their family, still they do not have the direct responsibilities, provided that their parents are still earning a living.

But, why do these young professionals still have financial problems? Why are they struggling with their cashflows? There must be something wrong. It can be attributed to budget mishandling and a deep issue on self-discipline.

In every financial aspect, having self-discipline is as important as having financial resources or money. How can you save money for the future when you keep on spending like a one-day-billionaire? How can you start building your dream house when you don’t even have the right amount of money to start with because you’ve spent them all in the first place? People seem to be out of focus when it comes to spending. So, here are simple financial planning tips you can follow through:

1. Make a list of priorities

Try to build a boundary between your wants and needs. Though this may vary from one person to another since each of us wear different lifestyles, it is still important to be reminded of our priorities so that we can fully maximize the budget. Make use of this list when going to the mall or supermarket. In this way, your spending is being controlled and you are assured that all the important things are fully covered; nothing is missed out on your cart. Anyway, if you still have few extra money, you can spend them for a little luxury.

Take some notes. This is a good way to remind you of your goals and get yourself organized.
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2. Build your own savings

Having a savings account that yields interest is a good way of keeping your resources in a safe place like banks. Gone are those days when piggy banks are used. Now, more people put their money in savings bank and let their money grow with time as interests are accumulated every year depending on the rates and policies implemented by banks. Just be careful in choosing the right bank for you. Make sure it is a stable firm and it offers quality service to clients. Also, remember not to put all your eggs in one basket – that’s the smartest thing you should do to minimize the risk.

If you are planning to build your dream house or you want to buy real estates and cars five years from now, then opening a savings account is just right for you. Set your goals and make some necessary actions to achieve them someday. You should plan your future by making the right decision now.

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Manage your income and expenses wisely. Put aside at least 20% of your income to savings.
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3. Investing the right way

The best way to improve your wealth, perhaps in a reasonable time is through proper investing. Whether you are putting an investment for business or you are availing the investment through banks, you are in the right track. Investment as compared to savings, yields higher interest and return. Due to inflation, the value of interest coming from your savings will not be enough to sustain your living for the next years to come. But with investment, the value of your resources will be at par with the market.

One thing you should take into consideration before investing is the risk. You must learn to assess and evaluate the risks in every investment activity that you do. Remember to be careful in your dealings so as not to put your wealth and hard work into waste.

4. Let’s do some business

After saving, investing, and placing things properly according to priorities, it is now the right time to start building a business that can enhance your financial security in the future. You can think of business ideas and build partnerships with your close friends. The risk of failure in a certain business is always present thus, trust and confidence are required among partnerships and corporation. But, isn’t it nice to run your own business? It is not impossible to achieve your dreams for as long as you have the right attitude and good strategy, you are on your way to success.

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Build your business and hire a team of professionals who can help you achieving your goals.
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5. Choose the right insurance for you

Usually, young adults do not have the time to think about their future. They tend to live in the present time and forget about the things that might happen tomorrow. This is a big mistake because they’re just putting themselves into uncertainty. What will happen to you forty years from now? Do you think you can still live at your own comfort at age 60? How would you live your life after retirement? These are the few situations we should be prepared of. Having the right insurance for your health and properties is also important. Browse through lots of portfolios from different insurance companies and choose the best coverage that fits your needs and lifestyle. Just be extra careful in choosing the right insurance for you so that you’ll not end up helpless and frustrated in the near future. You should act now before it’s too late. 

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