Life is full of challenges and surprises. No one can tell what will happen in the next moment. We’re living in a world full of uncertainties – nobody knows when we’ll be happy nor have the idea when will be the worst event to happen. We encounter problems, hardships and failures almost everyday. Because of this, we get disappointed and frustrated. We keep on asking, why is this happening? Am I being punished? As human beings, we experience life’s difficulties and we are expected to overcome them.

Despite the difficulties, still we need to find ways to overcome the undesirable situations; that is, we must overcome and deal with anxiety and stress brought by different problems. Just like taking a big leap in hurdles in athletics event, one must jump over the obstacles first before reaching the finish line. With that, great victory will be yours only when you have the persistence and the courage to go on with the race. Apparently, we must learn to fight in order to win the battle. Life is too short to live with anxiety and fear. Better spend your time wisely, stay happy and contented with what you have right now.

Teach yourself to become a positive thinker

Every situation has its pros and cons. Sometimes failure and difficulties turn our world apart, leaving us hopeless. On the other hand, if we look at the situation in a different perspective, we may realize that problems do happen with a purpose. They are here to make us strong and to mold our unique personalities. They are here to prepare us for a bigger and brighter future. Experiences influence our decisions, and we learn to make better decisions after going through difficulties. We are able to manage our problems in a better way after going through lots of challenges. This is due to the fact that we’ve been through the same situation, and now we have much control over it because we learned from our mistakes.

Like taking a big leap, one must jump over the obstacles first before reaching the finish line. This principle can be applied in life too.
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Have you heard of the Law of Attraction? According to this, the secret of overcoming a problem is by thinking and analyzing the situation positively. Acknowledge the situation and be optimistic in facing your problems. Claim that everything will be all right and the good things will follow according to your desired outcome. It’s like acquiring all the positive energies while suppressing the negative ones, thus allowing good things to happen favorably at your side. When you claim success in every aspiration and endeavor that you have, surely you’ll have the chance of getting what you want. For as long as you have that confidence and determination, you will be doing great.

Be strong in facing the problem

The only way to solve a problem is to face it with utmost courage. How can you arrive with the solution if you don’t want to find it in the first place? If you keep hiding your problems or trying not to deal with them immediately, then please, stop that habit now. You will only harm yourself in the long run, I can attest to that. I’ve been there. People who have been running away with their struggles are more vulnerable to anxiety which can lead to mental disorders and even suicide. So the best way that you can do is to be strong. Think of your loved ones, family and friends. Make them your inspiration. Remind yourself about the great love that you have for them. Be strong amidst the trials you are having right now. Always remember that you are not alone.

Find someone to speak with

You can always share your problems to your friends. You’ll be amazed to know their advices.
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There is no other way to make you feel better but to share your problems with other people whom you really trust. You can talk to your confidante, best friend, parents, siblings if you want to. Just make sure you are comfortable sharing your problems with them. Say anything you want and you will be surprised of the advices they can give you.

There’s nothing wrong in asking help

When everything else fails and things go worse each day, then it is the high time for you to call for help. There’s nothing wrong in asking for help from others as long as you already did your best (or have made your part). Get rid of pride and save yourself.

Never give up. Don’t lose hope.

As long as you have the opportunity to live, there is always a ray of hope. Don’t ever think that this is the end of everything. This is just a beginning – the start of meaningful and happy life. Remember, there’s a rainbow always after the rain.

I found an uplifting post online about the good things done by people from different parts of the world. It’s good to see that simple things can make someone happy. It only goes to show that the world isn’t such a bad place after all.

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